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Intervju Virtus pallacanestro Roseto

Virtus pallacanestro Roseto

Severio di Blasio o “Virtus pallacanestro Roseto” i njihovom sudjelovanju na 1. Međunarodnom košarkaškom turniru Makarska – Ljeto 2017.

SM: Who is Virtus pallacanestro Roseto? Can you present us more closely to your club?
“Virtus pallacanestro Roseto” is a basketball company founded thirty years ago. the founder of our club is prof. Saverio Di Blasio. our clud collaborates with the team “Roseto Sharks”, which is in the A league.

SM: How did cooperation with Makarska coexist?
Our cooperation with Makarska was born thanks to Claudio Tritella, who is from our city Roseto degli Abruzzi. Last year Makarska basketball team took part in a tournament in Isola Del Gran Sasso organized by us. The city of Makarska is also twinned with our city Roseto degli Abruzzi.

SM: With what team do you play at this tournament?
We are participating at the tournament with the category under 15 which arrived second in the championship of its category.

SM: Is it possible to distinguish one of the players who will “leave” for generations?
The leader Carlo Cavatassi number 5, who is the playmaker.

SM: What do you expect from the organizer and what about your team?
We are excited to participate at this tournament and we are sure we will spend beautiful days from both turistic and sporting poits of view.

SM: Message to end readers and rivals?
We are happy to have been invited in your beautiful city and we will try to leave a sign humanistically and sportily. Greetings to all the participants and organizers. We hope you will be happy to take part to our tournaments in Roseto. We wish good luck to everybody.