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Predstavljanje ekipe Alytus SRC

Makarska cup 2017

SM:Alytus SRC in Makarska at the tournament. How did co-operation happen and who is “guilty”?
We have heard about the tournament from other handball teams in Lithuania. And few years ago have tried to participate in this tournament. Everything is great here – people, organisation team, programme of the tournament. Great handball festival with great handball friends, of course- the nature of Makarska.

SM: What are your experience of playing at tournaments?
We have participated in different tournaments and handball festivals in Lithuania and abroad. In Poland, in Czech Republic, in Germany, in Sweden and etc. We have great “handball relations” with our neighbours from other countries. Also in our town, in Alytus, we have some traditions – in June we celebrate day of our town and then we have some small handball tournament.

SM:What do you expect from your team at Makarska Cup, in the result sense?
We are coming without any particular aim or particular plan for some result. Of course, we would like to show our best form and to play beautiful handball as we can. However, it is not only tournament, but also holidays for our team members, so the main aim is to finish this handball season without any sport traumas and close this season with joy.

SM:With what age do you play and whether you would set somebody as someone who “disengages” from the others?
In Makarska we are participating with team of girls and boys born in 2003 years.

SM:Message to tournament participants and our readers?
Play with joy and have fun in every minute of the game. Let’s have great time in Makarska as every year we do that – with opened heart, mind and soul.