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Predstavljanje ekipe HK Vainode

Makarska cup 2017

SM:HK Vainode in Makarska at the tournament. How did co-operation happen and who is “guilty”?
Information about the tournament I found at

SM: What are your experience of playing at tournaments?
Tournaments in Europe are trying to participate every summer.

SM:What do you expect from your team at Makarska Cup, in the result sense?
“Makarska Cup” will be preparing for the Latvian Youth Olympic Games, which will take place from July 7-9.

SM:With what age do you play and whether you would set somebody as someone who “disengages” from the others?
We take part in the tournament with 2000 year-old youth.

SM:Message to tournament participants and our readers?
I wish the participants and readers: “For the big handball to make this tournament emotionally rich”