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Predstavljanje ekipe NJARD

Makarska cup 2017

SM:NJARD in Makarska at the tournament. How did co-operation happen and who is “guilty”?
We heard about Makarska from another Norwegian team that was in Kroatia last year.

SM: What are your experience of playing at tournaments?
We look forward to playing against new teams and summer and sun. In this tournament we also have focus on the social among the girls.

SM:What do you expect from your team at Makarska Cup, in the result sense?
We have a good team but since we do not know the level of the other teams it’s hard to say.

SM:With what age do you play and whether you would set somebody as someone who “disengages” from the others?
Girls 2002.

SM:Message to tournament participants and our readers?
Fair play and must the best team win!