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Predstavljanje ekipe OIF Arendal

Makarska cup 2017

SM:OIF Arendal in Makarska at the tournament. How did co-operation happen and who is “guilty”?
We met the Hoteli Makarska team in the tournament Generation Handball the summer of 2015, got a brochure with information about the tournament and thought: “we have to go there”. Besides we have a croatian trainer who’s been at the tournament several times as a young player, and he has a lot of good words to say about the tournament. So the guilty ones are the the girls 2001-team from Hoteli-Makarska and our croatian trainer.

SM: What are your experience of playing at tournaments?
Tournaments is exciting: meeting new teams from other nations, new challenges, new friendships, good times with your team-mates and making memories for life.

SM:What do you expect from your team at Makarska Cup, in the result sense?
We don’t have high expectations: this is the end of the season and the start of a new one.We have some new players that are with us for the first time and want them to be a part of the team. We are one year younger than many of the other teams and there probably will be some differences in physical and tactical skills. Though, we hope to make some good matches and results.

SM:With what age do you play and whether you would set somebody as someone who “disengages” from the others?
We play in the Women 2000/2001. The teams that best can manage the conditions, the sun, the temperature and playing on fields inside & outside will disengage from the others.

SM:Message to tournament participants and our readers?
We are looking forward to participate in the 2017 tournament. All together we come with 75 persons: players, coaches, parents, sisters and brothers who has been planning this for 2 years.Now we are here. Looking forward to meet meet new handball-friends from all over Europe and having a good time with handball, summer, sun, bathing and to visit our trainers family in his hometown, Metkovic.