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Predstavljanje ekipe TISZA VOLÁN SPORT CLUB

Makarska cup 2017

SM:TISZA VOLÁN SPORT CLUB in Makarska at the tournament. How did co-operation happen and who is “guilty”?
Our coach heard about the tournament and he asked if they can participate. He thinks it is a great opportunity to the team for many reasons: the teaching method is different country to country so they can pick up new things from foreign teams, it is a great opportunity to challenge themselves in different environment and Makarska is a really nice place to visit. It is a typical „combine work with pleasure” opportunity. We had to agree with this statement!

SM: What are your experience of playing at tournaments?
Our team is a new team, they started to work(/play) together a year ago. Our experiences are positive; through tournaments we could follow the progress of their work.

SM:What do you expect from your team at Makarska Cup, in the result sense?
We are not result-orientated because we think youth education is not about chasing results. Our main mission is to endear sport with kids, teach them how to work as a team member and how to work hard for their goals. At the same time, we know our team’s abilities so we expect them to show their best at Makarska Cupa and reach the best result they are capable for.

SM:With what age do you play and whether you would set somebody as someone who “disengages” from the others?
Our players were born in 2004/2005.

SM:Message to tournament participants and our readers?
See you soon in Makarska!