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KVP Nováky – Intervju

KVP Novaky

Intervju sa ekipom KVP Novaky iz Slovačke.

SM: You are at the tournament in Makarska for the first time. How did the co-operation take place?
KVP Nováky Will participate 1.time in Makarska tournament. I received invitation from Makarska wp club manager. 

SM: With which team are you coming?
KVP Nováky, age 2004-2005 is a champion of Slovakia for the season 2016/2017.

SM:  Would you select someone from the player or are all equal?
Marko Mihal, borned 2004 and he played in Darko Cukic Memorial 2017 in Beograde(boys borned 2002)., this player is very talented with a big future.

SM:What do you expect from the tournament but also from your team?
International confrontation, the Best thing how to grow up our your team.

SM: Can you tell us something about your club, where do you come from short sports history?  
Water polo in Nováky since 1953(Chzwp Nováky, Nchz Nováky) Historicly the Best Slavakian team. From 2014 a new club(new management,new system, new Dreams) – KVP Nováky!6 boys categories (from U11 till adults). Every season is each category fighting for the national titul.

SM: Message to Tournament Participants? 
Good luck for everybody 🙂

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