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PSN Zrt. Sportiskola – Gergely Lukacs

Gergely Lukács, sport director of junior waterpolo teams of PSN Zrt. Sportiskola.
I am also the headcoach of team PVSK Mecsek-Füszért who play at the hungarian first division.
This is two different club but one system. The club PSN Zrt. is the waterpolo school with more than 130 young players and the club PVSK is the senior team. There is a contract between the two clubs and the young players can play at PVSK team also.
1. With what team, what age do you come from?
We will go with 2006 and younger team. We come from city Pécs, Hungary. Our teams name is PSN Zrt. Sportiskola.
2. Why did you decide to go for this tournament?
We decide because some years before we had been at the tournament and it was great. It is very very strong tournament and it will be a great development for our team and our players.
3. Your expectations of the tournament itself and your players?
Our expectation to do our best, to work hard try to do our best. It is a good opportunity to improve ourself and build the team also. We try to win as much as games as we can but if we lose but fight well we will be satisfied. It is the best oportunity for our players to get experiance because they will play with different clubs from different waterpolo culture.
4. Plans in your league?
In Hungary we will play at 2005-2006 age group league. We play at the hunagrian first division and we would like to be at the best 8 teams.